Volunteer helps Puppy Factory dogs feel safe in their kennel

Dogs, like humans, feel love, compassion, fear and pain.

We know many stories about the cruelty of people to animals. And there are other people who breed pets to make money on them.

That was the case with Harley, a Chihuahua dog that was rescued from a puppy farm.

Puppy factories are large dog breeding enterprises that value profit, not welfare.

The sole purpose of these establishments is to produce as many puppies as possible, while reducing the cost of keeping dogs.

Small and cramped houses are littered with various boxes with cats and dogs of different breeds.

Owners of puppy factories need only four things for animals: for them to breed, eat, drink and sleep. They don’t pay attention to anything else.

Puppies of these plants are often sold on the Internet. Popular breeds are sold at incredible prices.

In these deplorable conditions, these puppies and their mothers are susceptible to various diseases. Some of them have never seen the light since they are locked in basements.

One of these dogs is Harley.

She was rescued by the National Dog Rescue Service. Before that, she lived in a cage for three and a half years, giving birth to puppies one after another. The fact that she grew up in such an institution made her afraid of human contact.

She curled up in the corner of the cage. At a glance, you can quickly tell that she is excited, nervous and scared. It makes you think about how much abuse she has experienced, because her first instinct when she sees signs of a person is to run away.

In fact, when she was first taken, she dug her nails into the volunteer’s hand.

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