We are tempted to join the laughter of these adorable twin baby boys

Hearing a baby laugh can turn a bad day around. Their pure joy triggers a unique response in our brains, and often we can’t help but smile or laugh in response.

The reason we find babies beautiful may not be due to psychology or natural selection, but rather to the fact that their happiness comes from an innocent and pure source: there are no hidden meanings or messages to be understood when engaging with an infant.

Typically, making a comical face or playing peek-a-boo is enough to elicit laughter from a baby, resulting in a slobbery grin. This video demonstrates the overwhelmingly adorable effects when a second baby joins in.

Peyton and Brennan, twin boys, are developing their communication skills by engaging in call-and-response interactions while facing each other in their crib. Their cuteness is undeniable, but it is their cognitive progress that truly impresses.

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