«We don’t need you anymore!»: the owners abandoned the dog, and the heartbroken pet froze, staring at the wall

Kindness will save the world, and it really is. At least, it is kind hearts that are now helping a wonderful «boy» named Boston, who was abandoned by the owners…

The pet was left homeless in Sydney. The poor dog that the volunteers found was sitting with such longing in his eyes that people just couldn’t hold back the tears! It was obvious that the poor thing was just depressed because he was betrayed. But he trusted people so much…

«He looks so lost! And all because the owners left him here!» — said an employee of Pound Patrol, an organization that helps homeless animals.

Веселый пес

The abandoned dog turned out to be 10 months old. On the first day he was photographed. The pictures of the saddened «boy» who was looking at the wall got on the Internet. Caring people who offered their house immediately began to call! They said that they just cried looking at the photo of the poor animal.

Some people even came to the organization to support the pet. «He looked so miserable and pathetic!», «He needs time to recover emotionally!», «I hope he will have owners soon!» — these and other messages literally flooded the Internet.

Собаку кормят

As for Boston, he’s a nice dog. That’s just he doesn’t get along with other dogs and prefers to be the only pet in the family. Our hero is also at odds with cats. Therefore, the ideal home for him is one where there are no other animals. In general, you need to work with this dog. And if such a person is found, he will not regret it. After all, the dog will give him his heart, love and boundless devotion!

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