«We owe him our lives»: the dog started making noise in the morning and thus saved his owners

Craig Jones and Marie Jordan were fast asleep early Sunday morning when they suddenly heard the loud barking of their dog named Shadow. Assuming that the dog just wants to go outside, Craig sleepily got out of bed to open the front door and let the Shadow out into the backyard.

But as soon as the man crossed the threshold of the living room, the dream disappeared. The whole room was filled with acrid black smoke. It turned out that there was a short circuit in the kitchen, which led to a fire. Unfortunately, a couple of days before, Craig and Marie removed the smoke alarm to paint the ceiling.

Тень стал громко лаять, когда начался пожар, чтобы разбудить хозяев

When Craig saw the flames in the living room, he ran into the bedroom to wake Marie up and leave the house with her as soon as possible. The couple grabbed a minimum of things and a dog and ran to the car. Having safely reached the car, Marie and Craig called the fire department.

Тень вовремя успел разбудить хозяев

Despite the fact that many things were burned in the fire, Craig and Marie are not discouraged. They plan to restore the house and thank their shaggy savior as much as they can.

Shadow is such a devoted and caring family dog. We are indebted to him. What he did shows how wonderful German Shepherds and dogs in general are. Now we try to walk with him more often and give him more treats, and our friends and relatives give him gifts» Craig said.

Мари и Крейг очень благодарны своему пёсилю

The couple moved to a hotel for a while. And friends and relatives are helping Marie and Craig raise money to repair the house.

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