We think of these animals as very cute creatures.But they hide the truth.

Some animals look very cute, but in fact they are extremely dangerous. And you will be surprised to learn about these animals.

The Sibilant Swan

An elegant and beautiful swan is actually not so noble. When there is a threat to the nest, the female swan or offspring, the bird becomes aggressive and ferocious. The swan is able to accelerate and hit a person in flight. And in the water, he does not let his victim get out.

Long — tailed weasel

Cute and fluffy animal is not as harmless as it seems. Weasels have a very fast metabolism and eat about half of their body weight per day, so they are always hungry and aggressive. These animals are able to cope with victims 10 times heavier than themselves. At first, the weasel prevents the unfortunate from moving, and then fatally bites the skin of the neck.

Little Lori

Little loris (dwarf, fat) are incredibly cute, but they turn out to be poisonous. Thanks to their unique metabolism, these animals can safely eat poisonous plants. The loris themselves do not suffer, but their saliva contains poison, which during the bite can harm the victim’s health.

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