Weak dog, chained for 5 years, cried as rescuer held its muzzle

The poor puppy had been living on a chain outside for five years. She was emaciated and lost all her fur from advanced mange. Her owner did not feed her or give her any affection.

A neighbor came over and gave the dog whatever she could afford… which was stale bread. The sweet dog ate it whole, over the fence, without even chewing. To say she was starving is a gross understatement. A good woman took a video of the poor puppy and sent it along with her message. A rescue team promised to help the dog and arrived the next day.

The rescuers were shocked by what they saw! They decided to take this dog with them to save her life! They did everything they could to convince the dog’s owner to give it up.

For hours, they explained to the owner why the dog needed care and that they would inform the authorities if she did not give the dog up.

Finally the owner agreed. As soon as they approached the sweet dog, she seemed to understand why they had come.

The sweet girl raised her head as if she wanted to thank them. They stroked her head and told her that everything would be all right now. They took her off the chain, finally after five years, and put her in their car. It was time for a detailed vet exam! It was time for a new life and a new name. They decided to name her Lada.

The vet confirmed that she had a terrible skin infection caused by fleas. Since she had not been treated for fleas for five years, Lada suffered greatly.

Fortunately, she finally ended up in good hands! As Lada stood on the exam table and the rescuer gave her some petting, she wagged her tail for the first time. It was a magical moment!

Lada has to stay at the vet clinic for a month. She needs round-the-clock care until her weight stabilizes. During this time, Lada will learn what it means to be loved. Her new friends visit her every day and are very happy to see that her coat is growing back and that she is gaining weight. At her five years old, she has never yet known love. But now her future looks bright!

Soon Lada will be healthy enough to find her new home. We are so glad this little girl is finally free from her chain and her heartless owner. To see how Lada was rescued, click on the video below. Rescuers are doing everything they can to save as many lives as possible. We need to get the public’s attention by telling their stories. We are so happy for Lada, aren’t you?

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