What does the actress who played the dark girl in «The Addams Family» look like today?

The strange but undeniably charming story of the Addams Family has been told in the pages of numerous magazines. The talented cartoonist Charles Addams has created a series of comic strips that are proving very popular with Americans. Think of the fate of actress Christina Ricci, best known for playing the dark, gothic Wendy Addams, the actress who played the dark girl in «The Addams Family»?

Whatever characters she went on to play, the one with the most singular eyes will remain for many the dazzling gothic Addams. Christina was only eleven when this film was released. Although not her first role, it is without doubt one of the most successful adaptations of the original comic strip. This popularity has enabled her to reach new heights in her career. She made her film debut in Mermaids. She was then invited to play Wendy Addams. Christina performed the role brilliantly, earning her great popularity and determining the direction of her acting career for years to come. Eccentric teenage roles are multiplying for her.

In the 2000s, the actress was considered a star by teenagers. Her career developed at a breathtaking pace. Her most popular films are «Sleepy Hollow» and «Las Vegas Parano», in which she appeared twice with the famous actor Johnny Depp. In recent years, the actress has devoted much of her time to her family.

She is now 42. She has two children. Late last year, Christina gave birth to a daughter, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton. From her first marriage, the star has an eldest son, Freddie, aged eight.

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