When the homeless man was taken away by an ambulance, all 4 of his dogs ran after the car

A homeless man named Cesar was taken to the Rio do Sul hospital in Brazil. The man became ill and passers-by called an ambulance. The man was received by the doctor on duty, Chris Mumprim.

While Cesar was being examined by doctors and doing all the necessary manipulations, Mumprim noticed that there were four dogs at the hospital door. They were nervous and constantly watched the actions of the doctors. The dogs were well-groomed, clean and well-fed.It was obvious that they were being cared for. At first, the doctor did not understand where they came from. It turned out that the whole pack ran after the ambulance for several blocks. They were worried about Cesar.

When the doctor asked Cesar, he confirmed that they were his friends. And he often does not eat enough himself, but he will always feed them. He picked up the dogs on the street. They were not needed by anyone and became his family.

It turned out that Cesar had already been offered help with housing several times. But he had to refuse. Dogs were not allowed in the dormitories, and he could not betray his friends and leave them on the street.

When the man was helped and released, the whole pack rushed to greet their friend. The staff was so touched by this story that they fed the whole company. The gratitude of the dogs touched everyone. You can’t betray such friends.

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