While people were saving their property, the man returned for the neighbor’s puppies

Floods in some US states, unfortunately, are a familiar phenomenon. Therefore, residents know exactly the algorithm of actions in the event of this natural disaster.

Just on one of these days, one man ran into his home to quickly collect the most valuable. He was already leaving when he heard crying in the next house.

No doubt he decided that he would help. Who if not him?!

Approaching the house, he saw 10 small puppies whining piteously, asking for help. The man, forgetting about his belongings, quickly began to make a raft out of an air mattress to evacuate four-legged friends.

The saddest thing in this situation is that the owners of the house left the puppies to die, and they took their things from home and left. And an absolute stranger at his own risk helped them to avoid death.
How nice to realize that there are still people in the world who don’t think only about themselves…

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