Why did a 24-year-old girl marry a man who was 85

Society is used to looking at couples with a big age difference with surprise or even censure. But for our heroes today, that’s not a problem. Miracle and Charles are 61 years apart in age. The couple doesn’t let such an impressive difference get in the way of their love. The newlyweds have even promised to start a family, despite the fact that Charles is even older than his wife’s grandfather (by as much as 13 years).

We suggest diving into a story full of inspiration and positivity. It proves that the bond between two soul mates is stronger than any of the norms defined by society.

Miracle met Charles while working at a laundromat in 2019. The girl and the man quickly became close friends. At the time they met, Miracle was 20 years old and Charles was 81.

At work, Miracle was explained that Charles is a retired real estate agent. And he only comes to the laundromat with one item of clothing. Miracle was told that Charles needed help with the laundry.

«One day he was waltzing in the laundry room, he came up to me in a dance step, put a piece of paper on the counter and said: ‘Write down your number.’ He was my knight in shining armor,» Miracle recalled.

The young woman explained that Charles won her over with his good spirits. Miracle says she feels comfortable and safe with Charles.

The girl knew and understood that Charles was much older than she was. However, the man’s exact age remained a mystery to her for a long time. And when she finally found out how old he was, two months had passed since they had been together. Miracle realized that she had feelings for Charles. She explained:

«He had become like a child to me, and he just couldn’t get away from me.»

The young bride also explains that her husband’s age is not important to her. Miracle emphasizes:

«I don’t care if he’s 100 or 55, I like him because he’s him. I thought at first he was in his 60s or 70s because he looks so good.»

The girl also adds that her 85-year-old husband is always alert and active.

Miracle shared that her 45-year-old mother Tameka and grandfather Joe, who is 72, have been supportive of her relationship with Charles from the beginning. The thing is, her family watched how excited Miracle was, how happy she was. And that happiness was brought to her by Charles. Miracle’s father, on the other hand, turned out not to be like her mother and grandfather. His daughter’s new relationship with a man in his 80s didn’t make him feel very good.

Here’s what Miracle had to say about her relatives’ reaction.

«My grandfather said if I’m happy, and that’s what I want, then he’s happy, too. And my dad said: «No, honey, not at all.»

In the end, however, Myracle’s father did come to terms with the situation. If he hadn’t, he would have simply lost his daughter.

«I told my dad that I needed his support and that I wanted him to walk me down the aisle. Once he met Charles and talked to him, he fell in love with him,» the girl says.

And in the end, 24-year-old Miracle had the perfect wedding, which she describes as «the best day» of her life.

Miracle admits that people criticize them online for the big age difference. But the girl adds that it doesn’t matter to her and Charles. She also shared that they are looking forward to starting a family together. Miracle wants to have two children with Charles. By the way, he doesn’t have any children yet.

«I want Charles to have the opportunity to continue the lineage, I want another generation with his last name. We’re going to go to an IVF clinic to discuss our options,» Miracle said.

The young woman admitted that their road to IVF was not an easy one, and she found the experience at the clinic «quite overwhelming.» However, Miracle is ready to ignore these problems. She decided to stay positive and not to give up hope.

«Charles’ age may prevent us from having children, but I have no preconceived notions about that. It may or may not work out,» stresses Charles’ young wife.

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