“Will you come live with me?” – the girl asked a thin dog who was sleeping outside in the rain

It is unknown how the dog with a piece of carbine on the collar ended up on the street. It is possible that she was kicked out by an unscrupulous owner, but once the animal was definitely a pet.

Maria was returning home. She was in a hurry to be warm and take shelter from the heavy rain. On the way, the girl saw the unfortunate dog, who was lying right on the wet ground, curled up. The poor guy was getting wet in the rain, not hoping to find a dry secluded place.

The sight was very sad: raindrops fell directly on the dog’s face, like tears. Maria was greatly touched by what she saw.he approached the animal and, without restraining her inner impulse, directly aloud offered the mongrel to settle with her.

It seemed that the dog perfectly understands the words of a stranger. He abruptly rose to his paws, showing his willingness to follow the kind girl.

When Maria found a piece of a carbine on the dog’s collar, she tried to find its former owners. But the search was fruitless. This did not upset the heroine, who decided to shelter the foundling. The new pet got the nickname Bella. The girl already had a Schnauzer, who got along well with a new family member.

Bella quickly settled into her new home. Now there is a lot of warmth, food and love in her life. The dog turned out to be very smart and affectionate. How good that Maria once found her!

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