75-year-old mum Ilon Mask stepped out in a see-through minidress, proving that age is no barrier to style

Many people only know May Musk as the mother of American entrepreneur and billionaire Ilon Musk, but the woman has many achievements of her own. May has worked as a model for more than 50 years, appearing in magazines such as Time Magazine, Vogue, Elle and New York Magazine. As well as modelling, Musk has worked as a nutritionist and lectured in the US and Canada.

Despite her advanced age, mother Ilona is still active. In 2019, she will publish a memoir, “May Musk: A Woman with a Plan. In 2022, she will receive an honorary doctorate in dietetics from the University of South Africa in Free State, where she completed her master’s degree in the 1970s.

Most recently, May was featured in the May issue of Greek magazine InStyle. On top of that, the model often goes out and impresses her fans with her stylish and extravagant outfits and her stunning figure.

Recently, new photos of Musk surfaced online and immediately became the talk of the internet.

The model was wearing a very revealing black sheer mini dress with rhinestones and fringes. The model’s hair was styled in a neat short hairstyle and her face wore a very striking make-up – smoky eye and red lipstick.

The whole look turned out to be quite daring, but online users mostly liked it. Fans note that despite the bright make-up, sheer fabric and length of the dress, May still looks very elegant. It’s hard to believe that the billionaire’s mother is already 75 years old because she looks absolutely stunning.

Many have even compared her to popular Devil Wears Prada star Miranda Priestly, a fashion and style icon since the 2000s.

“I wish I could be like her in my old age!”, “I’m jealous! She looks cooler than me!”, “The real Miranda Priestley!”, there are far more positive comments than criticism and condemnation.

This is what May Musk usually looks like on the red carpets.



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