A child with walking difficulties carries the rings for his parents: a moment that touched all the guests

Marrying the person you love is the fulfillment of a dream and the beginning of a new and important life for two people. If you then decide to have a child or already have one, everything becomes even more special, especially if the baby has the opportunity to be present at their parents’ wedding. So the event has even more value and becomes more special.

The two spouses at the center of this story know this very well. They had been together for some time, and after they decided to vow eternal love when they got married, they organized a beautiful ceremony, which was also attended by their son. He was the one who outshone everyone by giving the ring pillow to mom and dad. We’re going to talk about them.

Josiane Amorim is a Brazilian businesswoman who married her beloved Hudson Alves in a dream ceremony. Designed to the smallest details with a ritual celebrated in an outdoor venue, the groom arrived on a white horse and she wrapped in a white princess dress, the day seemed already perfect like that, but there was still one piece missing: little Enzo.

For a few moments, the child distracted the attention of Mom and Dad’s guests, making his entrance to carry the rings to the bride and groom. Why was it touching and why did it arouse so much interest? Because of the tenderness of the little one, of course, but also because it was not expected to be possible. In fact, Enzo has cerebral palsy and this does not allow him to move normally, but thanks to the help of a walker, he was able to act as his parents’ pageboy and carry the rings for them.

Being a mother and being able to take care of her Enzo is the most important thing in her life, she said, “he is my daily source of inspiration, my strength. Family is the most precious thing in life and I feel honored to be the mother of this little prince.”


We can only wish them the brightest future there is and that they enjoy the moments they spend together with their son every day.

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