A 9-year-old boy spent all his savings to help the homeless

We always try very hard to take care of our family and friends, we worry that they will eat well, that they will have something to wear and that they will not need anything. But very often we forget that there are other people who really need help.

Nathan Simons, a 9-year-old high school student from the United States, reminded us of real humanity and kindness. He decided to help a homeless shelter.

Nathan is no different from his peers, and like all modern children also likes to watch different videos on YouTube, which, incidentally, his parents did not approve of.

But later they had to change their minds. One day he watched a video, where people raise money for charity, and buy everything necessary for orphanages. The boy was so inspired by it that he turned to his dad:
“I want to do that too!”

Ethan, the schoolboy’s father contacted the local shelter and found out what they needed now. Then he and Nathan went to the bank and each withdrew $150 from his account, which, by the way, was all the money the boy had saved for a year and a half.

Then they went shopping. They bought hygiene products, clothes and food. Nathan added sweets.

“I’m so glad and so proud of myself!” – he says.

Cindy Gramenz, the director of this center, accepted the gifts and turned to Nathan:
“You know what you’re doing is really great? You’re helping so many people! For a nine-year-old, this kind of compassion and respect for charitable work is very rare!”

The boy’s father is also very proud of him, and he posted the story on his Facebook page.

“Can’t help but brag about my son when he does great things,” Ethan wrote.

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