A Brazilian dentist travels the world and treats people’s teeth for free

A young dentist from Brazil, Felipe Rossi decided to do charity work. In 2016, he and his colleagues and partners founded the NGO Por1sorriso Foundation.

Their main goal is to help underprivileged people who have health problems in the field of dentistry. Their center does not have an exact address, the point is that medics travel so that as many people as possible can benefit from their help. They have already traveled to Kenya, Mozambique, etc.

Terri Rimmer was a patient of Felipe Rossi, and she decided to tell her touching story. The woman lost her teeth as a result of severe stress; she had lost a loved one. For a long time she was in a very depressed state. The loss of her teeth led not only to her complexes, but also to the fact that she could not eat normally. The treatment process was very long and painful, but it worked out. The dentist restored her smile, her self-confidence and belief in a brighter future.

This is just one of Felipe’s many patients, and there are actually hundreds.

The peculiarity of his activity is that he provides real help to people who do not have the means to do so.

That’s why he does it for free. The good news is that he already has about 4,500 volunteers who are willing to help people pro bono as well.

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