A child decided to copy the appearance of his school security guard because it was his “favorite person”

Every child has a hero, and usually it is always a cartoon or comic book character. However, children always know how to surprise us, so 5-year-old Easton decided to participate in “Dress Up Like Your Favorite” day by choosing the image of his school security guard. The little student asked his mother to dress him up so he could mimic his hero and show his appreciation. His mother then made a custom T-shirt and surprised Jeffrey Cross, the security guard.

Facebook user Melissa Zigovich shared an adorable moment in a series of photos on her profile with the caption:

“Today at 5-year-old Easton’s school was ‘Dress up as your favorite person’ day. Easton wanted to dress up as a school security guard, so his mom made him a t-shirt and surprised Jeffrey at school. They are definitely great friends!”

Jacksonville School Superintendent North Pulaski also shared the initiative on Facebook and wrote:

“Check it out! It’s Loved One Dress Up Day at Leicester Elementary School today,” the Facebook post reads. “Easton, a kindergarten student, dressed up as Agent Cross, who is in charge of safety at his school.”

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