A girl of extraordinary beauty. Who are her parents?

Advances in science and technology now make it possible to travel around the world and communicate with people thousands of kilometers away. More and more often representatives of different nationalities, races, and religions decide to join their destinies. This proves once again that love has no boundaries.

It is not uncommon nowadays for people of different nationalities to join their hearts and live in a happy marriage. As they say, love has no boundaries and this amazing story confirms that. A man from Vietnam met a woman from Africa, feelings flared up between them and soon they were married.

After a while they had a beautiful daughter, Bailey. Her beauty captivated many, for she had inherited everything beautiful from her parents. She has her father’s beautiful eyes, and from her mother she inherited her luxurious curly hair. The girl’s parents have her own Instagram page with more than 100 thousand people subscribed to it.

She is only 2 years old, but her beauty is mesmerizing!

Of course, any little baby is beautiful and cute in its own way, but children who are born into a family of different nationalities have a rare, one-of-a-kind beauty. You can only imagine how beautiful Bailey will be when she grows up!

There is an Instagram page where many mixed couples post pictures of their children with the hashtag #prettymixedkids. They’ve put together a whole collection!

All children are adorable, but love mixed with genetic factors gives the world amazing beauty, don’t you agree?

The smiles of these adorable little girls bring unbelievable joy and happiness! Many of them are predicted to pursue a modeling career. Well, we shall see!

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