A man believed the rumors and began excavating in his yard

John Sims of Arizona, USA, was finally able to afford to buy his own home. He didn’t expect anything special from his house, because he didn’t have much money. And he was able to buy a house from one of his acquaintances at a profit. He even managed to save some money for subsequent repairs. John was getting ready to move out…

Already when the deal was done and his acquaintance gave him the keys to his new house, his acquaintance told him one last time that there was a secret in the yard of the house. And he left.

The neighbors were also talking about a secret. However, no one really knew anything and could not explain. A conversation with the former owner yielded nothing. The previous owner of the house told him about the secret. But what it was was still unknown.

John became interested. He decided to spend the money he had left to repair the house in order to uncover the secret. First he purchased a metal detector. With the metal detector in the yard of the house a carefully hidden manhole was discovered. But it was impossible to open it…Everything was clogged with earth.

Then John made an excavation. He hired men and picked up a shovel himself. Eventually they unearthed a spiral staircase that led to a large concrete room. Archaeologists suggested it was a shelter that was built in case of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States during the Cold War. Most likely, the former owners hid it so carefully that in the end the secret remained a secret.

John was impressed. He decided to turn the concrete room into a full-fledged dwelling. As a result, all the neighbors go there like it’s a museum. Many suggested that John open a pub there.

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