A parrot sings lullabies to a newborn baby

Parrots are a group of birds in the infraclass of newfooted birds. It includes about 330 species. It is believed that parrots are not the friendliest creatures. But this is just a lie. There is proof of that.

You never know how a pet is going to react to a newborn who’s taking most of the attention.

That’s why a well-trained pet is important to have when bringing around small babies and children. Thankfully this family has a cockatiel who adores their newborn baby so much he watches over him while he sleeps.

This precious video will have you considering buying a cockatiel of your own!

Since the day the newborn baby came into the house a month ago, this beautiful wavy parrot has taken over the baby’s care.

His duties include entertaining the baby, and when it’s time to sleep, the parrot sings amazing songs. See how the baby attentively listens to the bird’s chirping and then falls asleep peacefully.

Maybe he even understands what the parrot is singing to him!

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