A priest built a 10-story tree house with his own hands. It looks great!

The construction of this amazing house began back in 1993 in the United States, when a priest named Horace Burgess was visited by God in a dream and blessed him to create a large dwelling. During this time the priest built a giant tree house more than 30 meters high, containing 80 rooms, a church, a bell tower, and a basketball court.

As Burgess himself explained, he was inspired to do it by God, who assured him that there would be no difficulties with construction materials.

As a result, the church clerk built a 10-story apartment with 80 rooms, an attached chapel, a basketball court, and a separate luxury apartment on the top floor for his beloved wife.

Horatio was happy to show his luxurious treehouse to all those interested, of which there were a respectable number. But in 2012 this celebration of life was interrupted: the house was closed due to noncompliance with fire safety regulations. This unfortunate event prevented the priest from carrying out his remaining plans – namely, to create an extreme camp in the house.

Burgess measured the dimensions of his “creation” and set out to do his best to get the house into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest tree house in history. The priest added that if anyone decided to beat him and create something similar, he would go right out and get a hammer to get the record back (meaning he would finish the house).

Ten trees are growing in the house, serving as supports. Construction of the house continues to this day, however, periodically, it suffers at the hands of ignorant vandals.

Now tourists go there to see his creation with their own eyes.

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