A single woman gave birth to triplets and turned to the Internet for help. This is the response she got

Haley Arsenault, 25, was not at all frightened when she found out she was pregnant; on the contrary, she was happy to be a mother.

That was until she found out she was expecting triplets!

Surely you know, or at least you can imagine, how difficult it is to care for a small child…and three at once?

Haley was close to despair, so she decided to turn to the Internet for help. But she was hardly prepared for what she would get in return.

After Haley gave birth to boys Hogan, Rylan, and Finn, her life became an endless succession of breastfeeding, diaper changes, bathing, and cleaning.

At first Haley’s mother helped her, but eventually she was forced to return home because she lived away from her daughter.

Soon Haley ran out of energy, and in desperation, she posted a call for help on Facebook, which quickly went viral online.

Haley’s request for help was read by many people, and soon three women responded to her post, offering more than just advice.

They wanted to provide the young mother with three extra pairs of hands, giving her peace of mind and some free time.

Sisters Jenny McDougall, Alice Mockler and Anita Arsenault (who is not related to Haley, just a namesake) know all too well how difficult it is to be a mother of an infant…let alone three.

Jenny recounted: “Parents of one child face a lot of hassle. When I found out Haley had three, I realized how hard it was for her.”

Of course, many of us know the old saying, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

When civilization began and people lived in communities, the family consisted of more than just father, mother, and children-each member of the community had to create a safe environment for all of their children to grow and develop.

As it turns out, team spirit still exists in today’s world. Fortunately, Haley lives in a society that is mutually supportive.

The three sisters demonstrated cohesion and complete willingness to help someone in need, which means taking care of Haley’s three adorable little boys!

Now each boy has a separate grandmother, which means they all get the full attention and care they need.

Jenny, Alice, and Anita, in addition to taking care of the little ones, also help Haley around the house so she can have some time to herself. In addition, their volunteer work gives the sisters plenty of time to spend together. These happy ladies truly enjoy taking care of the children.

“It’s a gift from God to me to help Haley and her little ones,” Jenny says.

Wendy and Billy Arsenault, the triplets’ biological grandparents, are also involved in their care. Billy says the kids have to change about 250 diapers a week, which speaks volumes about the magnitude of the childcare work. He admits he doesn’t know how the family would do without the help of Jenny, Alice and Anita.

“If it’s pretty exhausting to deal with the little ones now, it would be many times harder without their help. They’re great helpers,” he said.

As for Haley, she is extremely grateful to her three helpers.

“It’s amazing when complete strangers help and take care of your children,” she says. “You soon get to know them and begin to trust them, and that’s very important.”

These three sisters proved that grandmothers are of great importance in the upbringing of grandchildren. They continue to help Haley by doing more than one could imagine.

Definitely, Haley couldn’t have done it without them!

We wish all the best for Haley’s family!

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