A two-year-old heard his little brother crying and acted like a real man

It’s not easy with a small child, that’s for sure. But babies create unforgettable moments.

One night, American couple Shay-Ann and Christopher Grissom were awakened by the crying of their youngest child, one-year-old Sloan. But soon the baby calmed down. The father and mother decided to check the baby monitor to make sure everything was okay. When they saw the video on the monitor screen, the parents burst into tears.

The second child of the family, two-year-old Cairo, woke up and ran to his brother. The baby brought a blanket with him. As soon as the older child lay down next to the younger one, Sloan stopped crying. That’s how they slept through the night.

Shay-Ann says the video was very touching and that their sons will always look out for each other.

Note, the family has two other children – seven-year-old Phoenix and five-year-old Jerico.

“All our children are inseparable. They are not only siblings, but also best friends,” the Grissom couple confess.

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