A woman in her 76 proves to the whole world that people of her age do not need to be told: “Don’t wear this, don’t wear that, and black color is taboo at all”

Candice Leslie Sima despite her 76 years actively maintains a page in TikTok. Almost 100 thousand people are subscribed to her.

The woman inspires her peers and followers, proving that it is possible to be interested in fashion and dress stylishly even at such an advanced age.

Candice Leslie Sima, born in Buffalo, New York, writes on her website that she became interested in the aging process at a young age.

And she never understood why society has a negative attitude to such a natural process for a person. The businesswoman writes that she used to own a senior living complex and managed it for more than 32 years. And those years gave her a broad view of how different people age.

And a few years ago, the woman wanted to find out if people her age were interested in fashion. It turned out that there were very few of them. And Candice decided to change the attitude in society to aging.

“We are not our mothers or our grandmothers. We now have the opportunity to be productive, smart, stylish women even at an advanced age,” Candice writes.

She has created accounts on social networks, including TikTok. On her account @lifeinmy70s, she regularly shares impressions of her life and gives advice on how to dress stylishly and what hairstyles to wear when you are over 60. In one video, Candice said she noticed a stereotype about older people.

“On the covers of fashion magazines, we always see headlines like, ‘How to look better in your 20s, 30s or 40s.’ And we never see people in their 50s, 60s and 70s.”

The blogger believes the best way to promote the beauty of aging is to be yourself. And dress the way your soul desires.

Last year, for example, Candice posted a clip of a woman strutting around in an elegant sleeveless top paired with pale blue pants, strappy sandals and large sunglasses. The video includes the text:

“You’re 60! You can’t wear this.”

(Phrases like that are often said or written by trolls to older women who don’t want to turn into typical grandmothers.)

And at the end of the video, Candice takes off her sunglasses and the phrase appears:

“I’m actually 75.”

Under the clip, Internet users left hundreds of comments in support of the brave woman:

“I just got goosebumps, that’s the queen”, “Thanks to you I’m not afraid of getting old anymore”.

Candice confronts trolls who advise people of her age to dress for their age, constantly posting videos where she shows various outfits: pants, leggings, skinny jeans and her favorite one-piece swimsuit with a deep neckline.

Many users admire her creative approach to combining fashion items. They are thrilled that at such an age this woman looks great and wears what she likes. And they take her example to themselves, because Candice Leslie Sima once again proved to everyone that age is just a number in the passport. And aging is a natural and beautiful process. And women need to accept the changes in their bodies and look at them positively.

Nevertheless, society is still firmly entrenched in the opinion that people over 50-60 years old should not wear stylish youth outfits, bright swimsuits and even more so bikinis.

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