A young couple managed to lose almost 100 Ibs in one year: how did they do it, and how do they look today?

American lovers have always been prone to obesity. However, thanks to the power of love, support, sport and the right diet, they’ve managed to shed excess weight and undergo a complete makeover.

Together, they developed a menu of daily meals. And they didn’t limit themselves to products, strict diets or fasting. The couple simply adopted a very balanced diet where everything was harmonious.

They replaced all the heavy products with lighter alternatives, which were no less tasty. Carbohydrates were replaced by proteins.

But the dishes they loved like shawarma or high-calorie pizza were not excluded from their diet, only their toppings became much less fatty.

In the end, after only a year, they managed to get rid of excess kilograms. The girl lost more than 50 kg, and her spouse lost 34 kg! The young people did not mistreat their bodies with fasts, nor did they take diet pills. They achieved this result thanks to mutual assistance, love and perseverance.

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