African-American family has a light-skinned son with red hair

Ebony, 29, had a beloved son Adam in the family when the happy mother found out she was pregnant. The girl’s husband was over the moon. After all, they really wanted another child. Nine months later, baby Matthew was born.

But immediately after he was born, questions arose. The fact is that the baby was born with white skin, even though both of his parents were black.

Unfortunately, some relatives blamed Ebony for not giving birth to her husband. Others thought the maternity hospital had made a mistake and given her the wrong baby. But after DNA testing, Ebony and her husband turned out to be the baby’s biological parents.

But the suspicions did not end there. While walking, the family was often stopped by the police, thinking Ebony had kidnapped someone else’s child.

Matthew is now six years old. He is growing up to be an open, cheerful, and very kind boy. He and his brother Adam spend a lot of time together, and the color of their skin is not a hindrance. Adam even once asked his mother to dye his hair red.

Surprisingly, neither mom nor dad had people with white skin and red hair in their family.

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