An 80-year-old woman sat down to play a street piano and brought the audience to tears with a stunningly beautiful performance

This elderly lady lives in the Australian city of Melbourne and plays music she has composed on the street. In this way, the artist performs for passersby without taking a penny for it.

“I wouldn’t achieve such an effect in a concert hall; because only a certain type of people come there. And what I play is for everyone,” – Natalie says.

The homeless old woman once led a very different life and was heralded for her bright future. Natalie had incredible talent and graduated from prestigious music schools. She began her education at an institution run by nuns, and at the age of 15 won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London. The piece that Natalie plays in the video she wrote at the age of 13, and even then her teachers said that such talent could not be wasted.

The pianist dreamed of starting a family and left her career for a while to get married and take care of her children. However, a string of misfortunes awaited her: first her two daughters died (one in a car accident and the other as a result of a serious illness), shortly after that her husband passed away. The woman’s son became disabled as a result of ill-adjusted medication and has a damaged nervous system. He is unable to work. The mother was unable to support her seriously ill son, the man ended up on welfare, and Natalie was left homeless.

Since 2004, the anemic woman has been supported by the owners of a Melbourne hotel. In exchange for several concerts a week, Natalie was given a room in the hotel for her use. Not looking at her deteriorating health, the woman does not stop playing.

Watching and listening to her tune makes you feel her story. See how gracefully she works that keyboard to wow the world with her unending musical passion. You’ll love her!

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