Bride prepares wedding cake 12 hours before wedding and is mocked

When you choose to spend the rest of your life next to a person, the one you love with all your being, the famous “I do” is only the first of many choices to be made. The wedding, in fact, requires careful and meticulous preparation. From the souvenirs, to the choice of the restaurant, the location and so on: everything must be perfect.

Obviously the wedding cake is no exception: it is often entrusted to the best pastry chefs in order to show off a cake worthy of an event that should be unique and unrepeatable, surely special. However, the protagonist of this story thought of trying to make the impressive cake on her own.

The woman in question, named Laura, decided to stand in front of the oven with only 12 hours to go until the “big day”. With a smile on her face she had a burning desire: to prepare her wedding cake at home. So she recorded herself as she showed the steps of her creation.

First she showed a dough bought at the supermarket and got down to work juggling between the trays and all the necessary ingredients. Her mother-in-law, at her side, helped her a little.

At 00.00 on the fateful day, Laura tries to frost the different layers of that imposing cake:

“it’s the first time I’ve ever done it,” she said, smiling.

In the end she sprinkled the whole preparation with bright rainbow-colored grains. But her audience was definitely much less enthusiastic than the young girl.

“Oh my God, you’re kidding right?”; “it looks like a cake for kids not for a wedding!”; “it looks more like a volcano than a cake”; these are just some of the comments that have rampaged below her online video.

But the woman was not at all discouraged by the numerous criticisms received:

“all in all, I spent less than $50 between the cake ingredients, icing and everything else! Plus I will forever have this unique memory: from my in-laws, my husband decorating our cake to one o’clock in the morning before our wedding,” she explained.

“It’s really a unique memory that makes me laugh and makes me so happy. And also my guests liked it, they loved the idea knowing that it reflected me: I’m really a craft girl,” Laura added.

In the end, what matters most – as one user pointed out – is that the cake pleased her, her husband and all their loved ones: if they were happy there is no point in talking about the aesthetics or how “inappropriate” a similar cake might seem.

Besides, a wedding cake can quietly cost even thousands of dollars, an expense that the young woman avoided by ending up even having fun. What do you think of her “original” cake?

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