Elizabeth Hurley’s son copies not only her hairstyle, but also her makeup and outfits

We’re sure Elizabeth Hurley’s son has a bright future ahead of him. Damian has won the genetic lottery and knows where to look for inspiration. At the launch of a cosmetics brand, he wore an outfit that was an exact replica of his mother’s legendary outfit.

In the nineties, Elizabeth Hurley dazzled fans with her perfect figure, chic pictures and, let’s face it, an affair with Hugh Grant – a union that was considered strange by many, despite the fact that the actor and the model had been together for 13 years and parted in a calm and civilised manner.

In 1994, Elizabeth came to the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” with Hugh in a black tight Versace dress with a slit on the side and huge pins over her naked body. The outfit is still considered one of the most memorable in show business history.

It’s been many years, and to remind us that his mother is a true style icon, Damian Hurley decided to do it. The actor wore a very similar outfit to the launch of Pat McGrath Labs beauty line at Selfridge’s in London. Not a dress, but it would do – black trousers and a jacket adorned with those famous pins.

The guy was all dressed up, with neatly styled curls and make-up. No wonder – Damian has recently become the face of Pat McGrath and is now actively promoting the brand to the masses.

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