Father and daughter with bouffant curls captivated the social media

The curls of Benny Harlem and his six-year-old daughter, Jacxine, would be the envy of any woman. Photos of the funny family are now very popular on the Internet.

Harlem lives in the United States and is involved in modeling, acting, and composing music. The man wears an afro, as does his six-year-old daughter, Jacxine. Together, they pose in traditional African outfits or try on modern fashion looks.

For a recent Father’s Day, Jacxine wrote a touching Instagram post for Benny:

“Dear Daddy, No one loves you like I do … Thank you for giving me so much warmth and teaching me to love myself. I adore you, Daddy!”

Benny also notes that he tries to raise his daughter to understand the importance of self-love:

“I I put my child on a pedestal. My daughter needs to know that if she loves herself first, love will attract friendships, relationships and guide all aspects of her life.”

Many fans of the “curly family” wonder what the secret to their hair care is. Harlem revealed that his family created their own shampoo from natural ingredients to keep their gorgeous curls.

Jacxine’s father believes it is his responsibility to teach her “natural elegance,” give her confidence and raise the girl to be fearless


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