Grandma’s selected genes. What does Lollobrigida’s grandson look like?

The heir to Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida’s only son has inherited his legendary grandmother’s beauty. Dimitri Skofic is now 29. Following the departure of the famous Lollobrigida, the public has turned its attention to photos of the star’s only grandson.

Network users noticed that Dmitry bears a striking resemblance to his grandmother. “Unreal resemblance”, “Grandma’s genes have done their work”, “Dmitry has inherited Lollobrigida’s beauty”,

“Your grandmother was a beauty”, “Legendary woman”, “Gina was a divine beauty”,

“Very handsome man,” read the comments under Dmitri Skofic’s photos.

Did you notice the resemblance? In my opinion, Dmitry has inherited all the best his famous grandmother.

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