He weighed 212 kg, she weighed 116 kg. They loved each other very much and decided to lose weight together

Masha and Andrei fell in love with each other literally at first sight, and the wedding happened soon after they met. They were both obese, but over the years the situation began to worsen. Andrei was getting fatter and fatter, his health was badly compromised. And Masha strongly feared that one day she would find him dead…

At 29, Andrew weighed 212 kg, but he was not always fat. He was born in the north and was involved in wrestling from a young age.

Andrei’s first serious relationship arose right after high school. He met his future first wife, who became pregnant from him quite early. The young couple got married and had a daughter.

After giving birth his wife was diagnosed with epilepsy. Andrei had to earn money, take care of his wife and daughter. He gave up sports and started gaining weight.

And soon this young marriage fell apart altogether. At first the daughter lived with her mother, and then Andrei took her away.

Masha, an active girl, plays the piano, sings, graduated from music school. Smart and beautiful.

She has never been slim. She has always been overweight. And the older she got, the more weight she became.

Their relationship developed very, very quickly. They made friends on the Internet and met immediately on the day of acquaintance.

They fell in love with each other literally at first sight, and a month later Masha and Andrei decided to live together. And a wedding followed shortly thereafter.

And the longer this marriage lasted, the heavier they became. But if Masha’s weight did not cause her much discomfort, with Andrei it was completely different.

When his weight exceeded 200 kilograms, the man could hardly move, could not do many things by himself. Plus there were problems with his health.

The turning point came when Maria lost her father. All she had left in her life was Andrei, and there was a clear realization that she could lose him.

She took the initiative, decided to lose weight with her husband. But independent attempts did not yield anything. So they decided to apply to the casting of the project Weigh and Happy.

To the great joy of the couple, they were taken on the project, and soon their journey to a dramatic transformation began.

This is how they were at the start, on their first day as participants in the weight loss project

Masha weighed 116 kg, Andrei weighed 212 kg. If it was more or less easy for her to cope with the strain, then her husband found it extremely difficult. He was the heaviest contestant this season.

Nevertheless, he tried hard. And the effort was not in vain, Andrei lost weight literally every day.

Unexpectedly for herself, the gentle and kind Masha showed her character and willpower. No one bet on her, and she ended up even beating her husband. Andrei left before the finals, and Masha made it to the finals and took second place!

During the participation in the project Masha lost 40 kg and reached the weight of 76 kg. Andrew lost 75 kg and now weighs 137 kg!

This is how they were at the finals, and this is not the end of their transformation:

After the project, they continued their weight loss journey and achieved even more impressive results.

It remains to wish them luck and hope that the guys kept the result they had achieved.

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