Interesting facts about coffee

Coffee is not actually a bean, but rather a berry. Each berry contains 2 beans of coffee bean.

When Beethoven made coffee, he brewed exactly 60 beans for each cup, always counting them himself. Maybe that’s why the composer was a temperamental man.

The third largest coffee consumer is Japan. In this country, they believe that it improves health and makes the skin look younger.

Until the 10th century, coffee was not considered a beverage but a food. Tribes living in Ethiopia mixed coffee beans with animal fat and ate the mixture.

A cup of black coffee, which has no sugar, has no calories.

In almost all countries where coffee trees grow, coffee berries are still harvested by hand. The life span of a coffee tree is 60-70 years, which is comparable to the life span of a human being. Coffee contains about 1,200 chemical components, about 800 of which are flavor compounds that make up the taste of this beverage.

The most famous French philosopher and poet of the 18th century Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day, and he lived to a very respectable age – 83 years. Once he even paid his servant double his salary when he bought him coffee that Voltaire had run out of. This great man said that his servant helped him avoid death.


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