John Travolta does an Indian dance. He filled the stage with his energy

When two stars of such magnitude collide on stage, the charm simply poured out in an enormous ocean into the auditorium. It feels like the whole audience dances along with them to the music.

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress model and singer. Winner of the Miss World 2000. The girl has had a successful career in film and her appearance on stage invariably attracts the attention of those present. Despite her sometimes provocative behavior on stage, she has an active social position and is engaged in charity work.

The whole world knows this famous creative man! John Travolta is an American actor, dancer, and singer, winner of Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. This man has greatly influenced the development of the media industry.

John Travolta would give anyone a head start! There is no doubt about that. Especially after the actor danced in Bollywood during the Indian version of the Oscars.

John was a guest at the 15th annual Indian International Film Academy Awards.

To the applause of those present the actor agreed to go on stage with an Indian woman dressed in a traditional sari – the girl chose a partner for the dance from the front rows of the hall and chose the Hollywood celebrity for a reason.

Travolta didn’t even hesitate. He accepted the challenge immediately and with a smile.

The dancers accompanied the couple on stage – the actor felt himself relaxed and diligently copied all the movements of the traditional Indian dance.

True, with each new movement of the actor dance more and more like the one that back in the 90’s they danced with Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”. But maybe that was the idea!

Look what a rousing spectacle this turned out to be:

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