Kristina is already 17 years old. She was called “the most beautiful in the world.” What does the girl look like today

Kristina Pimenova already in early childhood was distinguished by outstanding external data. The girl’s parents were often told that they had a very beautiful child. 4-year-old Kristina was no longer afraid of the catwalk, and at fashion shows she felt calm and confident. Pimenova remains the youngest supermodel in the world to this day.

Kristina’s mother herself has been in the modeling business for a long time. Therefore, she knows all the subtleties and features of this profession. Her daughter has to combine screenings and studies. However, the mother says that it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Kristina goes to school, and then goes to training. She does rhythmic gymnastics. Filming takes place only once a month. The collections of haute couture houses are shown twice a year.

Foreign mass media also noticed the beautiful and talented girl. They began to sound the alarm, worried that the child might simply lose the childhood.

Some began to say that Кristina is distinguished by the look. She looks not at all childish, as if she has already experienced something at her age. They also say that Pimenova differs from her peers in her aristocracy. To this, her mother replies that her daughter is a well-mannered girl and knows how to behave in society.

From the age of seven, a beautiful girl represents famous brands. Among them are Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Benetton.

At the age of 10, Kristina was invited to work in America. The girl was even able to get a work visa. Instead of the girl, her mother signed the contract.

Not so long ago, Kristina Pimenova turned 17. She actively leads Instagram and shares fresh photos with her subscribers.

Kristina conducts correspondence with subscribers in English. She already knows this language perfectly well and speaks it. The supermodel often shows how she looks without makeup, in her natural form.

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