Little girls lined up for a dance class. The one in the pink tutu made everyone laugh

The girl in this video has no complexes and no reason why she should be ashamed! She dances like no one is watching. Did she care? Not one bit.

The clip was recorded in a dance class for little girls, and the star of the show is quite significantly younger than the rest of the class. She may have only been allowed to take part in one class, but she certainly gave it her all! Why is that? Well, she’s probably a dance fan first and foremost, but it’s also been proven that babies aged 12-14 months love to move freely as they finally learn to control their body movements

While the rest of the class is watching the instructor’s every move, concentrating hard and trying to perfect their technique, the little girl is swaying her hips and moving her arms like she’s at a disco! At one point, she even wipes her forehead to make it look like she’s sweating! Honestly, it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

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