Loving couples who have reproduced the photo many years later

It’s an incredible feeling when couples carry the feeling of love through the years. And surprisingly, there are quite a few couples who fall in love with each other as early as kindergarten and then cannot part with each other, carrying their feelings through the decades.

God grant them even more understanding and love for each other, so that they don’t lose that reverent attitude towards each other that is so rare nowadays.

“Grandparents in their youth and now”

First school dance and first wedding dance

“My beloved wife at the prom and 25 years later. Yes, she’s wearing the same dress!”

“Mum and Dad in 1983 and 2019”

Nothing has changed at all after many years

“Grandparents now and 50 years ago at their wedding”

The 60s and 2020 – love only gets stronger

Nothing has changed

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