Man sees girlfriend without makeup for the first time and runs away instantly

Mexican social media influencer Lupita Anaya challenged the woman to remove her makeup for the reward of two thousand pesos (107 dollars). However, the result of the challenge caught them off guard.

Social networks are increasingly becoming a platform for various trends and challenges, including offering cash rewards to participants for completing specific tasks.

Influencer Anaya approached a couple in Baja California, Mexico, and asked the girl and her boyfriend if they were interested in a unique challenge. After discussing the scenario, the woman made a decision.

The young woman accepted the challenge to remove her make-up in public, although she was initially hesitant. Thanks to her partner’s motivation and the prospect of winning the cash prize, she succeeded.

With the help of wet wipes, she began to remove her makeup, especially the eye area, which was the most difficult to remove.

It was a slow process; she even wiped much of her eyebrows while explaining that it was the first time her boyfriend would see her without makeup.

The girl’s boyfriend, Christian, watched the challenge attentively and said nothing.

When the participant finished the challenge, Lupita Anaya was happy because the girl had removed all her makeup. However, both the influencer and the woman soon realized that something was wrong.

The young woman found herself alone after Christian disappeared from her side and did not appear in the square.

The girl shouts her boyfriend’s name and looks for him, but he no longer appeared in the recording. Worried, she asked:

“What about Christian, where is Christian, my partner?”.

The woman’s confusion was evident as she continued to look for her partner. She began to wonder if he had left her because of her makeup-free appearance, expressing:

“Oh, don’t tell me he left, he left me because I took my makeup off? I knew it, I knew it… challenge accomplished and single again”.

Although the young woman received her cash prize, she seemed disappointed.

The video quickly gained traction, as numerous netizens were shocked by the images. Users shared their opinions, supporting the woman who had presumably been dumped by her boyfriend.

They complimented her and gave her advice. Many also shared their opinions about the woman’s partner:

“Aaaahhhh, but she looks beautiful without makeup…. with makeup and without makeup… She is very beautiful. What’s more, I didn’t understand why he left, and she looked very pretty”.

Although online commenters were eager to discover the further developments of the story, the full repercussions of the makeup challenge’s effect on the woman’s relationship were not revealed.

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