New Fashion: Sneakers with grass appeared on sale

One of the noticeable details of Loewe men’s spring collection was the grass growing through the sneakers. At the show the grass was alive. In anticipation of the show Spanish designer Paula Ulargi planted the seeds on 42 pairs of shoes.

Grass sneakers can now also be bought by anyone. The new model appeared on the website of the fashion house and is already available to order. You can not buy shoes with real grass, so it is replaced by a natural fiber, which is attached to the sneakers by hand.

The exotic model will cost $1,700 for those who want it.

Beneath the thick “lawn” is soft white sailcloth, classic lacing, and contrasting ribbed sole. True, it’s a little bigger than usual: it covers toe and almost the whole heel. Sneakers are decorated by leather back piece – with golden brand emblem.

Also in the collection is available clothing with stitched raffia with imitation lawn. For example, a similar coat will cost $26,000.

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