On the verge of fiction: photographic evidence of how the level of failure can be off the charts

Every person faces setbacks from time to time in life. Most often with minor ones like spilled coffee on one’s pants, less often with more serious ones like “I was late for the train. All of them, of course, spoil the mood and break plans, but not globally, and do not pose a threat to the life of the person to whom it happened. But sometimes someone gets a mega-failure, which can be called a real disaster – extremely costly and life-threatening. It’s a good thing when such accidents happen without casualties! Today’s photo story will tell you about them.

Beyond comprehension: this car seems to have fallen out of the sky and crashed into the 2nd floor of a house, trying to drive on

He just wanted to take the ducks for a ride!

October 22, 1895 was a black day for this passenger train at Gare de Montparnasse in Paris

On that day, the driver of the ill-fated train failed to brake and, knocking out the track stop, drove onto the station platform, broke through the wall and fell into the street.

“Nothing foretold trouble … But it came – from negligent utility workers. Good thing I had insured my brand-new car the day before.”

An unexpected obstacle on the track – a landslide

As it was taxiing onto the runway, the airliner collided with an airfield tractor

“Wasn’t able to get in on his own feet, decided to move in.”

The aftermath of the storm: Somebody’s bad luck

A resident of Australia was a beautiful driver until she was 73, when one unfortunate day she mixed up the pedals and pressed the gas instead of the brake. It was the coolest stunt of her life! And an expensive one at that.

Someone decided to go for a swim without getting out of the car

A strange case happened in Sweden: a cleaner hijacked a train. The result is in the photo

It happened in 2013 in the Swedish city of Salshöbaden around 3 a.m. There were three families in the house. Fortunately there were no casualties.

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