Rescuers in a helicopter rush to the distress call of a woman trapped in the mountains, and find that she is not alone

Being young provides a great opportunity to explore the world, experience different cultures, and visit new places. Some people prefer to stay in their homeland, while others go to faraway countries or choose an active lifestyle.

Amelia Milling, 21, who is deaf and mute, was not afraid to challenge herself and decided to climb a mountain peak in Alaska.

But something went wrong and Amelia fell and rolled down the slope hundreds of meters. The girl was found by a rescue helicopter, and to the amazement of those who arrived to help her, Amelia was not alone.

Amelia Milling loves adventure. Although most of her peers prefer beach vacations or playing smartphone games, Amelia has other interests.

Amelia decided to go on a three-day hike in the Alaskan mountains, and at first things went well. But that all changed when she started climbing a big mountain.

Somehow Amelia lost her balance and fell down the slope of a snowy mountain. She rolled down more than 90 meters before hitting a boulder and then sliding another 90 meters.

The 21-year-old was all alone in the mountains, alone with her misfortune. Fortunately, she had no broken bones and could still walk. But there was a problem, and a big one at that.

She was a long way off her route, so she had no idea where she was. Amelia was lost in a place she didn’t know and wondered what to do next. But soon something happened that almost made Amelia’s heart leap out of her chest.

In the distance she saw an animal that looked like a white wolf. Amelia was very frightened, because she knew that wolves can be dangerous. But as the animal got closer, Amelia noticed a collar on it.

The collar of the husky, nicknamed Nanook, had “guide” written on it. This meant that Nanook was a guide dog who finds lost people in the mountains and leads them to a hiking trail. He was in the right place at the right time!

Nanook found Amelia and began to do his job.

Nanook helped Amelia onto the trail and, so that she would not be alone, stayed with her for the night.

The next day Amelia tried to cross the river, but a strong current dragged the girl under the water. Nanook saved Amelia again: he ran into the river, grabbed the strap on Amelia’s backpack, and pulled her out of the cold glacial water.

Amelia had a GPS satellite transmitter with a built-in rescue beacon so she could send a signal for help if anything happened. She finally decided to use it. The signal was picked up by the local emergency services, who sent a helicopter to find the victim and get her to safety.

“The dog was invaluable,” Police Chief Eric Olsen told “He’s like the famous dog Lassie, only from Alaska.”

Nanook became a true hero who, as it turns out, was not the first time he helped a person who was lost in the mountains.

Watch the video below to see how Amelia met Nanook and learn more about her story:

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