“She was known as ‘The Hippo’: Now the whole world is watching her unusual beauty

The fame of 18-year-old beauty Tilly Neeman from West Yorkshire is enviable. But that wasn’t always the case. Some time ago Tilly was not in the best shape. She did not notice the defects of her figure. The girl simply tried not to look in the mirror. Friends were discreetly silent, so as not to upset her friend. Behind her back, her peers threw unflattering comparisons at Tilly, one of them being hippopotamus.

Time after time, the girl bought things looser by size, but when she could not fit into the maximum volume, she realized it was time to change.

Tilly reconsidered her diet, thought about her menu, and started eating healthy foods. She counted the calories she consumed and tried to spend more than she got. Working out at the gym and then at home became an integral part of her life.

Within two years, Tilly had lost 30 kilograms. She came to an “ideal” that she is completely satisfied with, and today she simply maintains it.

She freely chooses things in the store and doesn’t worry if something doesn’t fit her size. On her TicToc channel, Tilly shares her knowledge and experience and motivates viewers by her own example.

She admits that she is inspired by the successes of her subscribers, and immediately warns that the path to change is not quick, the main thing is to stay positive.

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