She’s 9 years old, and she’s amazing. “I didn’t know the notes, I played by ear,” says the little piano player

When she sits down at the piano, she can’t see behind it, but the first notes suggest that she was born to play it. By the age of nine, she was a successful pianist, winning numerous awards and performing on stage with renowned orchestras.

Klára Gibišová has already had the opportunity to perform at several prestigious events. One of them was a performance at the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. When a full hall applauds her, she says she feels great, but sometimes she doesn’t know if her performance was a success.

“I wait to hear what the teacher says, if it was nice. Sometimes I can’t tell yet, it’s so strange,” says the young pianist.

She sat down at the piano for the first time when she was three years old, not knowing the notes and just trying to play the pieces by ear.

“I remember that the first piece I played was The Cat Climbing Through the Hole, and I played it with only one finger,” recalls Klára Gibišová.

Two years later, the talented pianist was performing in concerts. Although she had not yet climbed onto the stool, she needed help. When she began to play, the audience listened with amazement to every note and admired the passion with which the girl performed the pieces.

She did not learn to play music properly until she was about seven years old. At first, she learned the pieces by ear.

“We would bring a camera to the lessons and then I would listen to the pieces at home, but I only recently learned the notes,” says the nine-year-old pianist.

What the talented pianist enjoys most about playing the piano is learning new pieces.

“My teacher chooses most of the pieces herself for me. But sometimes she shows more pieces and I can choose from them. I like the fast pieces best,” she explains.

Listen to this amazing little pianist perform Haydn’s finale from the Piano Concerto in D Major, enjoy!

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