Six year old girl came to Romania’s Got Talent for the second time and went home with a Golden Buzz

The little dancer from Cluj-Napoca took part in “Românii au Talent” and impressed the jury with her maturity in artistic expression and got four “yes”.

Amira is back on the stage of Romania’s hottest talent show and this time she qualified directly to the semi-finals after Andi Moisescu pressed the Golden Buzz after her dance.

Amira has been dancing since she was 2 years old, inspired by what she saw in the house. Her parents own a dance studio and Amira’s father was a competitive dance athlete. He participated in dance championships and did very well.

Amira practically grew up in the dance hall and started copying what she saw around her. There she was noticed by Alla (RAT 8 finalist) who started working privately with Amira.

Amira says that whenever she hears music she can’t help herself and starts dancing. Movement is in her blood, and on the stage of Românii au Talent 2023, she demonstrated it to the whole country.

She’s a pretty mature girl and takes dancing seriously. At home she has 2 puppies, a guinea pig and 8 fish which she plays with extremely much.

“Amira is a phenomenon. It was obvious from last year and we were aware of it and we kept thinking it was our oversight that we didn’t appreciate her talent enough even then,” Andi Moisescu said after giving her the Golden Buzz.

“Now that she’s back, and with a breakthrough from an artistic point of view, it would be outrageous that one of us would not have given her this golden button because it’s clear we’re dealing with a phenomenon,” the juror added.

“We were sorry last year that we didn’t get to give her a Golden Buzz. And when you see such a small artist filling the stage so beautifully, you can’t help but be happy,” said Mihai Bobonete.

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