The director of the cafe decided to test his employees in a peculiar way

Homeless people are shunned in society: they are bypassed, trying not to engage in conversation with them. In public places it is as if they do not notice them at all and can even be rudely escorted out of a café or store.

Maria was working as a waitress in a small café in Texas. During her shift, a man came in and sat down at a table. It was clear from the stranger’s appearance that he was in dire straits and might not be able to pay for his meal.

None of the cafe staff even looked at the homeless man, because the day before the manager had made it clear – if the waiter serves a customer who has nothing to pay, the cost of the lunch will be deducted from his salary. Despite the warning, Maria approached the table and said:

“My name is Maria. If you need anything, let me know, and I’ll make sure you get it.

The man ordered, ate lunch, paid the bill, and left… leaving a $100 tip. There was a note attached to the bill, which surprised Maria no less than the generosity of the occasional visitor.

“Dear Maria, I express my deep respect for you. I see that you also treat yourself with respect… I can see it in the way you treat other people. You have found the secret of happiness, your good deeds will be an example for other people who know you,” read the note signed by the hand of the cafe owner.

It became clear: it was a test! The owner of the place had pretended to be homeless to see how the cafe staff would react to him. Needless to say, Maria knew nothing of this. She acted in good conscience, making no distinction between the establishment’s guests.

The owner of the cafe appreciated Maria’s action, not only rewarding her with good tips, but also promoting the girl to manager.

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