The horse gently cradles the baby when she begins to cry

This is a delightful moment when a gentle horse comes up with the cutest way to calm a crying baby. When a mother took her child to visit a friend’s farm, she never thought that horses could be such wonderful babysitters. But as soon as her little girl started crying, this charming horse intervened and put everything back on track again.

“I almost burst into tears when I saw her reaction. I was a little overwhelmed by it,” the mother said. “When we came in, Ruby was very upset, screaming and not having fun at all. But when she saw the horse, she stopped crying and just looked at him.”


Stacey Storer, a 24-year-old mother from the UK, took her eight-month-old daughter Ruby to a farm in Nottinghamshire, England. It was the very first contact of the baby with an animal on the farm. So Stacy had no idea how she would react, but she didn’t know that horses were so cute.

Stacey and Ruby were visiting a friend’s stable when they came face to face with Red—a really great horse. But the little girl wasn’t too impressed, so she started crying. But the mother did not have time to react, because the gentle horse decided to provide additional assistance.

“I was a little worried when she didn’t like it at first, but as soon as she sat down next to Red, it was like someone flipped a switch,” the mother said. “She kept pointing at him and looking at him, and she liked it when he started rocking the car seat.”

Horse turns babysitter by soothing crying baby girl by making her giggle as he rocks her car seat - Mirror Online

“You want to bring your children up to respect animals and the bond that Ruby seems to have with Red is incredible,” she said. “Seeing things like this makes me so happy. I didn’t really expect Red to acknowledge her let alone play with her seat!”

Watch the beautiful moment here:

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