The parents forced their daughter to get her looks back. Now she’s just a beauty!

The girl is from the city of Sochi. Since childhood she wanted to be unusual.

When she decided to enlarge her lips, she didn’t stop until her lips were recognized as the largest in the country.

Christina’s relatives were against her experiments. The girl’s husband was dissatisfied with the constant attention to his wife.

The parents set the girl a condition – she wants to be their daughter, stop all these experiments and return to her normal appearance.

Christina’s mother was worried about her daughter. She believes that all these surgeries and modifications are bad for her health.

The parents gave the girl an ultimatum and she wondered.

This is how the girl was before all the operations and modifications.

Christina agreed to take part in the show Reloaded. There she was helped to regain her preoperative appearance and to believe in herself. It turned out that her passion for modification was simply the result of serious complexes and insecurity.

Now Christina looks just gorgeous!

She was helped to change her style of dress and is admired for her beauty and elegance.

Christina is pleased with herself.

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