The woman is 60 years old and her husband is 21 years old and the couple is very happy

They say that age is no barrier to true love. In fact, anything can happen in life, and the characters in this story are living proof of that.

Pam Chastine is 60 years old and her fiancé Jonathan Langevin is only 21. The young man is even younger than Pam’s daughter! Nevertheless, the couple are happy and are planning a wedding soon.

Pam met her future lover on a dating website. The woman’s daughters had long since grown up and she even had a six-year-old granddaughter.

Pam wasn’t looking for a serious relationship, so she joined the site just to chat. She admits that she had been single for some time and was attracted to young men, but she didn’t think it would go any further than chatting online.

She and Jonathan quickly hit it off and had an internet date. Three months later, the young man asked Pam to marry him. At first she tried to talk him out of it, but Jonathan managed to get her to accept.

Pam’s friends and acquaintances could never accept her choice, and many stopped talking to her. Her daughters were also surprised at first, but over time they got to know Jonathan better and were convinced of his sincerity. The groom’s family, on the other hand, were very friendly to Pam, which was unexpected and pleasant.

Pam says Jonathan also makes her feel younger.

“In bed, he is incomparable. Jonathan has also got on well with my family and even my granddaughter has become friends with him,” confesses the happy bride.

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