These kids are having the time of their lives! A sea of joy, fun and laundry for mum!

It is impossible to imagine a happy childhood without outdoor activities – without conquering puddles and taking mud baths, without fun games with friends, without abrasions, bumps and ruined clothes. And parents can survive all the consequences of such games with a sense of humor and a philosophical outlook on life.

We are sure: the kids in these pictures definitely enjoyed the walk.

No matter what nonsense you think of, there will always be like-minded people to play with

The best attraction of childhood is Dad.

These guys will definitely be ready for anything in life.

When grandpa’s a beekeeper.

Mom, bring the sword, we’re losing!

That’s when you need to learn everything through experience.

Mom asked for help weeding the beds.

This is happiness.

An elemental lord.

A true friendship can’t be destroyed that easily.

And you say water park, water park.

Mommy, have you had a break from us yet? We’re coming back!

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