This elderly couple showed how to rock the dance floor!

Age is just a number especially when you are an active senior who loves to dance. These people have lived long lives with their ups and downs. And, of course, it’s a big mistake to think that they don’t know how to have fun at all.

Look at this elderly couple. They’ve been together for years, but over the years of marriage, they’ve lost none of the love, respect, zeal and joy. At their son’s wedding, they danced a dance that was considered the most popular in their youth. It’s one of the most exciting and relevant dances even now – boogie-woogie!

Just look at the excitement and energy they are dancing with! It’s just great! You can tell they’ve done this dance more than once. If they are so happy and active now, imagine how they were when they were young!

An elderly couple once again proved that time is not subject to human happiness. Watch a very interesting video with dancers aged.

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