Tiny twins are talking but when you hear them you will melt. It’s adorable.

Babies are some of the cutest little creatures on the entire planet. You may have to struggle when they keep you up at night with their attendant troubles. But their chubby face and their adorable smile make up for all the chaos they sometimes cause. They really are professionals when it comes to stealing our hearts, aren’t they?

The video below features adorable twins who seem to be talking to each other. They don’t know the words yet, but they can still communicate in their own sweet way. Their sweet talk makes them both giggle. Studies have proven that twins often communicate without necessarily talking to each other.

This mom may have it easier than moms with one child. These twins seem to entertain and amuse each other, so mom has time to herself. Or at least time behind the camera to record them when they are on their best behavior.

The twins’ mom says they are best friends. At this young age, I’m sure they can still entertain and delight each other. They truly are a blessing in so many ways. Check out this adorable video below.

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